Atturo Tyres now available from your local Atturo 4x4 / SUV specialist dealer or we'll supply direct for you to arrange local fitting

Atturo tyres

About Atturo Tyre UK

Atturo Tyres are distributed in the UK & Eire by Silverline International Ltd. Our Atturo Tyres are EU compliant (NOTE: Not all USA Atturo Tyres are EU compliant). The current range of Atturo Tyres offer modern tread patterns at affordable prices for the 4x4 and SUV market.

Atturo tyres

Atturo produce a range of tyres that improves and maintains the performance of your vehicle. Take a look at the range; AZ600 / AZ850 / AZ800 / Trail Blade M/T / Trail Blade A/T / Trail Blade X/T.

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